Police Prepare to Deal With Dangerous Summer Driving

The Pennsylvania State Police are cracking down on unsafe driving during the dangerous summer months.

Increased Traffic During Summer Holidays Usually Leads To Spike In Accidents

Given that drivers have to deal with snow, ice and slush during the winter months, many people may be surprised to hear that the deadliest time to be on Pennsylvania’s roads is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, while summer roads may be dry and clear, increased traffic, construction, and more drunk drivers all lead to more car accidents in the summer, according to the Herald-Standard. To deal with the increased dangers, Pennsylvania State Police have announced that they will be conducting more patrols in high-risk areas.

Why Bad Driving Increases During Summer

While many motorists typically associate winter with unsafe roads, summertime’s dry and seemingly safe conditions often encourage drivers to take a few too many liberties with their driving. Drunk driving, for example, often increases during the summer, especially around holiday weekends.

In addition, according to the NHTSA, overall traffic usually increases during the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That increased traffic, largely due to families taking summer vacations, can create additional hazards for all motorists. Since many holidaymakers are likely to be driving on roads and highways they are unfamiliar with then the risk of accident further increases.

Police Increase Patrols

Drunk drivers and holidaymakers are not the only summertime dangers. Other factors, such as construction work, inexperienced teenage drivers who are out of school, and speeding motorists who believe that the dry summer weather is an excuse to drive faster all contribute to a dangerous on-road environment. Additionally, certain vehicles, such as motorcycles and slow-moving farm tractors, are often only present during the summer months and may pose a risk to other drivers who are not familiar with sharing the road with such vehicles.

To deal with the increased risk, the Pennsylvania State Police say they will target high-risk areas with extra patrols. In many cases, the mere presence of a police car can discourage drivers from engaging in risky behavior. The NHTSA is also encouraging drivers to buckle up, stay away from alcohol while driving, and make sure a vehicle is safe before driving it.

Dealing With A Car Accident

While summer often leads to more car accidents caused by driver negligence and recklessness, the victims of such drivers do not have to simply accept the consequences of an accident caused by another motorist.

Anybody who has been hurt in a car accident that was possibly the result of another driver’s negligence should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. With experienced legal representation, injured drivers will have the help they need to pursue compensation and hold negligent drivers accountable.