Teen Drivers at Increased Risk of Accident During the Summer Months?

The Memorial Day weekend is typically thought of as the start of the summer driving season. With the kids out of school, families will be planning summer vacations, and many will be driving to places throughout Pennsylvania. The increase in vehicle traffic means that there could be a greater chance that motorists may be involved in a car or truck accident.

When experienced motorists encounter a dangerous situation on the roadway, they may be able to perform the steps necessary to successfully prevent a car crash from happening. However, teen drivers may not know what to do in these situations, and they may find themselves getting into an accident that could be completely avoidable.

According to AAA, the summer is by far the deadliest time for teen drivers. The organization reports that over 260 teens die in car accidents across the country during the summer months. The Pennsylvania Teen Safe Driving Coalition states that in 2012, 55 people were killed in teen driving accidents during the summer.

While Pennsylvania does have very strict laws concerning graduated licenses for teens, there may be other things that parents can do to help reduce the potential for an accident. Parents should make sure that their children have had plenty of practice before they receive their license. This includes driving at night, as well as driving in poor weather conditions. This can help new drivers learn how to better handle unexpected issues that may arise. Parents should continue to discuss safe driving habits even after their child receives his or her license.

Perhaps most importantly, parents need to set an example for their teens when their kids are passengers. Parents should be sure to follow all traffic laws and keep their attention focused on the roads. They should not talk or text while driving, or else their kids may think that this is acceptable driving behavior.

No matter how much experience a driver may have behind the wheel, some may not be able to avoid being involved in a car accident. If you have been injured in a collision, you should speak to a personal injury attorney in your area to learn more about the potential options that may be available to you.

You may have never been in an accident before, and have questions about what you need to do to protect your claims. Your attorney can immediately begin an investigation into the crash, and determine the responsible parties. Should settlement offers start to come in, they will be carefully explained so that you understand what will happen should you decide to accept.