Car Crash

Client was injured in an automobile accident when struck by another vehicle while he was stopped at a stop sign. He suffered a herniated lumbar disc requiring surgery. A claim against the driver of the vehicle who struck him was settled for the driver’s policy limit of $50,000 and an Underinsured Motorist claim for Client’s […]

Passenger Injuries

Client was an elderly woman who suffered multiple broken bones while a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband who had crossed into the opposing traffic lane and struck a truck. Claim settled without having to file a lawsuit for $300,000.

Motorcycle Accident

Represented motorcycle driver who dumped his bike when a truck pulled out in front of him. He suffered road rash and shoulder injuries requiring physical therapy. A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court and settled prior to trial for $90,0000.

Motorcycle Accident

Represented Motorcycle driver who was struck by a pizza delivery vehicle in an intersection suffering a laceration injury to his ankle which eventually required same day surgery in the nature of a Tarsal Tunnel Release. Case was settled prior to Trial for $95,000.

Sexual Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

The City of Sunbury Police Department had 3 female employees: a Police Officer; Meter Person; and a Police Records Clerk. After the rank and file officers, a Police Sargent, and the Mayor began to subject the female officer to various forms of sexual harassment and unfair treatment simply because she was the only female Police […]

Unlawful Seizure of Property

A husband and wife who were avid Little League pin collectors designed and produced a little league pin commemorating the Williamsport Police Department. Williamsport Police Captain Raymond Kontz III came to their home, threatened their arrest for producing and possessing the pins without the City’s “approval”, and confiscated the pins without a search warrant. The […]

Malicious Prosecution

Officer Brian Dixon charged Anthony Werman with attempted murder of a police officer when Dixon was responding to a domestic disturbance claiming that Werman attacked Dixon with a six inch Alaskan Ulu knife raised above his head while Dixon was attempting to enter the apartment to investigate. Sargent Gregory Neeper signed an affidavit swearing to […]

Civil Rights Case

At Schemery Zicolello, we believe protecting Civil Rights to be a calling. Civil Rights are important to all of us. These are rights that are intended to protect us from the intentional conduct or deliberate indifference of government officials regardless of our race, religion, or wealth. Not many law firms practice in this area of […]

Sexual Harassment

Schemery Zicolello represented a female county solicitor in federal claims for retaliation and sexual harassment against a county and county officials. The solicitor had reported several incidents of misconduct and wrongdoing with respect to a county official. The same county official also continuously engaged in conduct intended to harass and intimidate women in the workplace, […]

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

Represented a female employee in a state retaliation claim against a nonprofit employer. Our client was terminated after she opposed and reported several incidents of sexual harassment by an individual performing work at the workplace. Successfully obtained settlement on behalf of plaintiff. (confidentiality agreement)