Case Summary

Workers Compensation

35 year old truck driver involved in a motor vehicle accident suffered severe burns about the head and neck as well as orthopedic injuries to his knee, right elbow and low back. Claimant received scarring benefits in the amount of $35,000.00 for the disfigurement caused by burns on Claimant’s head and neck. Following the accident, Claimant underwent surgery on his knee as well as his elbow. Claimant applied for and received Social Security Disability benefits. As a result of Claimant’s injuries and his recovery to date, Claimant had an interest in resolving his claim. The parties were able to negotiate a resolution whereby Claimant received $167,500.00 from the carrier for injuries suffered in addition to the previous sum paid as a result of the Claimant’s disfigurement claim. Claimant continued to receive Social Security Disability without reduction as a result of the payment of Workers’ Compensation benefits. The Workers’ Compensation carrier, as part of the resolution, agreed to leave the medical expense portion of Claimant’s claim open such that Claimant will be entitled to receive ongoing medical expenses for the injuries suffered in the accident for the rest of his life.