Case Summary

Workers Compensation

60 year old equipment operator worked for an excavation company in Tioga County suffered an injury during the winter months of 2019, when descending steps from a piece of heavy equipment. Claimant suffered a torn rotator cuff. Claimant sought the representation from Schemery Zicolello who successfully secured benefits. Claimant began receiving $968.37 a week and his medical expenses were paid. After the completion of litigation, Claimant mediated the claim before the local Workers’ Compensation Judge and resolved his claim with the payment of $227,000.00 which included a Medical Set Aside Trust in the amount of $20,700.00. Claimant, prior to entering into mediation, had applied for and had received Social Security Disability benefits, which he was able to enjoy without offset or credit as a result of the resolution of his claim.