Case Summary

Workers Compensation

Claimant was a 42 year old laborer employed in the gas field. In the course of lifting a pump used to extract water from containers, Claimant suffered an injury to his low back which resulted in a lumbar laminectomy and fusion. Claimant began receiving weekly benefits at the rate of $666.63 per week. The employer attempted to terminate Claimant’s benefits arguing that he was fully recovered. The employer also filed a Petition to Modify and Suspend Claimant’s benefits on the basis that work within Claimant’s abilities remained available. Claimant’s doctor agreed that Claimant was capable of returning to work but differed as to the level of work Claimant should be performing. After mandatory mediation was ordered by the Workers’ Compensation Judge, SZ successfully negotiated asettlement in the amount of $170,000.00, and Claimant successfully returned to work.