Case Summary

Workers Compensation

Claimant was a 50 year old carpenter who fell from the second floor balcony while performing carpentry work on a banister. Claimant was diagnosed with suffering a concussion, post concussive syndrome and minor orthopedic injuries. The employer was insured by State Workers’ Insurance Fund and in 2015 as a result of the fall, Claimant consulted with Schemery Zicolello who represented Claimant through the course of the initial claim proceeding, resulting in Claimant’s receipt of weekly wage loss benefits and medical expenses. Claimant applied for and ultimately received Social Security Disability benefits as a result of injuries suffered in the fall. In the course of litigation, it was determined that Claimant had an additional esophageal injury recognized as related to the initial work injury. Claimant mediated the case and the parties agreed to a wage loss settlement of $160,000.00. The carrier agreed to leave medicals open for the remainder of the claim. From the date of injury through the time of Claimant’s settlement, SZ’s efforts resulted in gross benefits paid in the amount of $985,200.00.