Case Summary

Workers Compensation

65 year old individual employed by a local manufacturing company with a 30 year history of low back complaints and a prior low back surgery suffered a strain/sprain to his low back while lifting a part in March of 2022. The Claimant sought representation from Schemery Zicolello and a Claim Petition was filed, seeking benefits as a result of the injury. The employer vigorously defended on the basis that Claimant’s injury was not as a result of lifting the part but rather as a result of his long standing low back degenerative changes and prior low back surgery at the same level. Five months into litigation the employer requested mediation to resolve the claim. As a result of a successful mediation, the Claimant received $110,000.00, and retired in connection with the settlement,receiving in addition to his lump sum payment, Social Security benefits without offset or reduction as well as monthly retirement benefits in the amount of $1,500.00 per month.