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Legal issues never occur in isolation. Criminal charges could impact your rights as an employee, a successful medical malpractice claim would impact your child support obligations, workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits need to be coordinated to get you the best overall benefits package, and the list goes on.

At Schemery Zicolello, we handle a wide range of legal matters. Our breadth of legal knowledge helps us take a big-picture approach to provide comprehensive legal service. We will not limit our scope to only the legal matter you are facing. Our lawyers can provide you with sound counsel to protect your rights and interests across a variety of legal concerns.

Ethical, Honest, Professional Representation

With offices in Williamsport, attorneys from Schemery Zicolello enjoy a strong reputation as ethical, honest and professional. Our criminal defense attorney has been appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as a certified death penalty lawyer, and we have helped countless individuals and families find their footing again and move forward with their lives since our founding in 1996.

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