Labor Market Survey

Labor Market Surveys in the Workers’ Compensation Process

For most people who have suffered injuries that prevent them from working, the workers’ compensation benefits they receive are critical to living a normal life. In many cases, these benefits are the only means they have of supporting themselves and their families.

If you have received a notice to partake in a vocational evaluation and labor market survey, you could be at risk of losing your much-needed workers’ comp benefits. At Schemery Zicolello, our lawyers can help you. We have decades of experience serving clients throughout central Pennsylvania, including Williamsport. Workers’ compensation lawyers from our firm have a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication helping clients in danger of losing their benefits. We will walk you through every step of the legal process.

Earning Power Assessments

An earning power assessment begins with a vocational interview, conducted by a vocational expert. This expert conducts the interview to determine your earning power. If you are able to earn any money in any job, the vocational expert could determine that you are no longer eligible for benefits, or at least not nearly the level of benefits you have been receiving.

You will then receive a notice of ability to return to work or a petition to stop or reduce your benefits, which means you will no longer receive the help you need from the workers’ compensation program.

If you have been called for a vocational interview or earning power assessment or have had your benefits stopped or reduced, do not panic. Our attorneys will explain your rights and fight to retain the benefits you need.

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