Prenuptial Agreement

Protect Your Financial Interests

When entering into a marriage, few people are thinking about the potential for divorce. But the potential is very real; it is important to plan ahead. Before you are married, you can protect your financial interests for the possibility of divorce down the road.

At Schemery Zicolello, we can help you protect your financial interests with a prenuptial agreement. We represent clients in Central Pennsylvania, including Williamsport, in prenuptial agreements. The attorneys from our firm will take the time to learn about your interests and concerns so that we can negotiate a prenup that will work for you without creating undue tension in the relationship. We will draft and review the contract to make sure everything is correct and will receive approval from the court in the potential event of a future divorce.

Why You Need A Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement made before entering into marriage. In this contract, both parties agree to the terms of a divorce, including division of assets, support issues and other family law matters that frequently arise in divorce. A postnuptial agreement is the same thing except the parties enter into it after they have been married.

The major benefits of a contract of this kind include:

  • Protecting your financial interests: By determining the outcome of various support and asset division matters ahead of time, you can make sure you do not lose out in the divorce proceedings.
  • Saving money and time: Having a solid prenuptial agreement will streamline the legal process of divorce tremendously, saving you the time and costs associated with traditional divorce litigation.
  • Minimizing stress: Because prenuptial agreements are generally crafted while the partners are still getting along and their relationship is healthy, they can make sound decisions about their futures. Later on, when they are divorcing and their relationship is not working as smoothly, they have already made the important decisions, so they do not have to fight over every possible issue that could arise.

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