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If you have done any research on your own about adopting a child, you probably already know how complex the process can be on the legal side of things. Perhaps the most important thing you can do to ensure your adoption goes smoothly is to contact an experienced attorney to help you through the process.

At Schemery Zicolello, we take all types of adoption matters for clients throughout central Pennsylvania, including Williamsport. Adoption attorneys from our firm take a personalized, detail-oriented approach. We will handle the legal aspects of your adoption so you can focus on your family.

We have been helping people through difficult times since 1996. Our lawyers know that adoption can be a great blessing to a family, but it can also be an extremely challenging process. We are here to help you through that process to increase your family joy through adoption.

Family Law Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, a grandparent has the legal right to seek visitation of a grandchild if it is determined that it is in the child’s best interest. Oftentimes, however, when an adoption takes place or separation occurs, the grandparent’s rights to see their grandchild can be dismissed, even in cases where the mother remarries and her new husband adopts the child.

Our lawyers handle adoption matters that include:

  • Standard adoptions: We help clients with all types of standard adoptions, including adoptions from individual parties, state and county adoptions from foster care and other adoption scenarios.
  • Stepparent adoptions: Our stepparent adoption practice includes all notification requirements, termination of birth parent rights and other family law aspects of stepparent adoptions.
  • Same-sex adoptions: With recent changes in federal law, same-sex couples have the same rights to adoption as traditional couples. Our attorneys will help you through the process and make sure your rights are protected.
  • International adoptions: We can help you through the various challenges involved with adoption of a child from another country.

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