Fathers’ Rights

Fathers’ Rights: You Deserve Results That Are Fair

Remember, custody laws are supposed to favor neither the father nor the mother during modifications. Generally speaking, the court is supposed to determine what is in the best interests of the child. Most often, a judge will try to rule in such a way that the child will be able to continue receiving care from both parents. The court often looks favorably upon a parent who is likely to support the child in preserving a relationship with the other parent despite personal grievances.

Williamsport Child Custody Attorneys

If you are the father of a child for whom you fear you may lose custody, Schemery Zicolello is here to help you. During a divorce or other family law dispute, you stand the chance of losing a great deal of assets depending on the terms of your marriage and the reason you separated. Our lawyers know that emotions often run high during divorce proceedings and that children can be used to manipulate a former spouse. This is unfair for you and for the child.

The family law attorneys at Schemery Zicolello will gather the facts and present the judge with your side of the argument. We have helped countless father/son and father/daughter relationships stay intact over the years because we have the acute knowledge of these cases that helped our clients retain custody of their children. We can provide the same help to you.

Custody Modifications

At Schemery Zicolello, we are also well-versed in Pennsylvania child custody modifications. Oftentimes, a child’s or parent’s life situation will change over the course of time — especially for a father who is digging himself out of the hole divorce has left him. If you feel this is the case and that modifications must be made to your visitation and custody rights, please contact us today.

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