Failure To Diagnose

What if Your Doctor Failed to Diagnose Your Condition?

It is not uncommon for doctors to fail to see or notice the signs of major medical conditions. Although it is a somewhat common occurrence, it is extremely detrimental to the patients who trust their doctors’ expertise and foresight. Failure to diagnose a serious illness can allow the illness to progress beyond the point of remedy, leaving patients in a much worse scenario.

If you have been harmed by a doctor’s failure to diagnose a serious medical condition, talk with an attorney you can trust right away. At Schemery Zicolello, we represent clients in Williamsport, throughout central Pennsylvania who have suffered from their doctors’ failure to diagnose cancer or other serious medical conditions.

Helping You Obtain Compensation

Cancer misdiagnoses or other forms of diagnostic failure are not simply a matter of showing that the doctor did not diagnose something. A plaintiff needs to show that the doctor should have seen the signs and failed to see them, and that failure resulted in damages, or harm, to the patient.

Making this type of determination involves significant legal and medical knowledge and expertise. Our lawyers have significant experience in our own right, and we also tap into a network of medical experts that we have been working with for many years.

Our lawyers will do whatever it takes to determine whether you have a valid claim and, if so, fight aggressively to help you obtain full and fair compensation for the losses you have suffered. We handle medical malpractice injury and wrongful death claims.

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