Child Custody

Helping Clients Understand Child Custody

One of the most common concerns for a parent who is going through a divorce is child custody. Here in Pennsylvania, custody laws allow for several different arrangements depending on each parent’s life situation.

At Schemery Zicolello, we believe that custody should first and foremost be based upon the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, ex-spouses can get tied up in the emotion of a divorce or separation and use children to get back at their former husband, wife or significant other.

Since 1996, Schemery Zicolello has been fighting to ensure that the relationship between parents and children does not end with the marriage. We represent clients in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania, areas in child custody matters, protecting fathers’ rights and grandparents’ rights in child custody matters.

Lycoming County Divorce Lawyers

Child custody is one of the most difficult laws to fully understand. Factors that will lead to a judge’s determination can range from the age and preference of the child to whether or not your child has special needs. Regardless of parental contention, the court must rule in favor of what is best for the child while speaking to a child who has experienced these parental contentions. The personable lawyers at Schemery Zicolello pride themselves on the ability to speak with children in a way that allows them to feel comfortable and not overlooked.

Relocation And Child Custody

Another consideration a judge will look upon when making the decision is geography. When parents move away after a divorce or separation, a judge will often consider whether the child has already established a life there (family, school, friends), whether one location offers a better educational opportunity than the other, and whether one location provides the child medical accommodations as needed.

While other living arrangements can be considered for the child, like grandparents, the court generally likes to see the natural parents awarded custody. That said, grandparents can possibly gain custody of a grandchild if it’s determined to be in the best interest of the child due to neglect or abuse by the biological parents.

Child Custody Modifications

At Schemery Zicolello, we are also well-versed in custody modifications. Oftentimes, a child’s or parent’s life situation will change over the course of time. If you feel this is the case and that modifications must be made to your visitation, support, and custody rights then please contact us today.

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The veteran attorneys at Schemery Zicolello want to help you through this emotional time. We understand that although spousal relationships fail, the bond that you share with your child can still be a lifetime of joy. If you have any questions considering child custody during a legal separation or divorce then please call Schemery Zicolello today at 570-321-7554, or contact us online, and let us fight for your rights as a parent.