Divorce: Our Goal is the Best Possible Solution

In this Williamsport law firm’s experience, there are no real “winners” in a divorce. Retaining a law firm that can address your concerns and your goals effectively, efficiently and with care and respect, however, can play a significant role in the outcome of your marriage dissolution and in your ability to look optimistically toward the future.

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Experienced, Responsive, Effective Advocacy

At the law office of Schemery Zicolello, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, our attorneys take the time to look at your entire life situation, handling your case from many perspectives, including legal, familial and financial. Our goal is to strategize the best possible solution we can for your own personal situation and your needs relating to child support and custody, spousal support (alimony), property division and other family law concerns.

We bring to each individual case over two decades of legal experience and responsive, accessible client service at every stage of the divorce and family law legal process.

Honest, No-Nonsense Guidance

In any divorce, our approach is to provide honest, no-nonsense guidance about the available legal options. We will dispel myths that our clients fear and help them have realistic expectations. We believe that a knowledgeable client is a client who has power and control despite the difficulties he or she is going through.

Workable Solutions Through Negotiation Or Trial

While we seek to find workable solutions or resolutions to challenging issues within a person’s divorce, such as child custody, property division or any other concern, we will not back down in our protection of your rights. We are also trial lawyers, skilled in the art of building compelling cases and presenting them before judges.

We know that clients need strong representation even if they cannot afford it, so if the situation warrants, we work with our clients to provide affordable payment plans for a dissolution of marriage.

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