Mike Zicolello defines professionalism…

“I was badly injured and hospitalized two years ago, which shortly after leaving the military (12 years of active duty). We were confused and worried with what steps needed to be taken to ensure I was taken care of (medically, financially and legally). We sought out a few local lawyers, met with each to get a feel for who had the most concern for my case. By concern I mean genuine care of my wellbeing both then when it happened and for future need. Mike and his staff by far exceeded not only every other consult, by my personal desires for what I wanted in an attorney. He was patient, sincere, kind, knowledgeable of exactly what was going on and what to expect – during the initial consult and throughout our entire time together as client and attorney. His demeanor was calm yet businesslike, confident yet controlled, concerned and professional.

Every time I called the office to speak to him or his staff I was kindly greeted and asked how I was doing, or if I needed anything else. I was always kept in the loop of what was happening with my case, my billers and the entire situation. Whether it was an email, a text, a phone call or a meeting, the entire staff at this firm are 100% on it. They are all professional and mean business but kind and caring. I never waited on return calls or information. After my case, Mike and I continue to have a relationship regarding my case (any future issues or problems were to develop) and for any other need. I have and will continue to refer this office, staff and lawyer out.

I am so pleased I met and hired Mike. He was able to get 100% of my settlement and it was done in a short time manner.”

Two thumbs up

“As parents of three daughters my wife and I were very concerned about their future should anything happen to us. We already knew the importance of life insurance, but wills were something we had neglected until we spoke with Michael. He helped guide us through the process of establishing our wills so our children and estate would be taken care of according to our wishes in the event of our death. It was not an easy thing to address my own mortality, but, thanks to Michael my wife and I have made things just a little bit easier should something tragic happen to us.”

A Great experience with this lawyer

“Michael Zicolello currently represents myself and 6 other co-workers. I can tell you truthfully Michael has made a dark situation full of light again. In the court room he is first class, this man did his research before trial, helping our agency along the way. Michael was always available to answer any questions, answering every phone call, email, no matter how minor the question was he always gave an answer. Another important fact is that he always keeps us informed on what is happening in our case. Michael was spectacular in federal court. We won our preliminary injunction in federal court because he did his homework, and classfully built a case so the judge could see the facts of the case crystal clear. Michael continues to work hard, thanks to him our lawsuit is continuing. I can speak for myself and 6 co-workers, if anyone of us would ever need legal counsel for any reason, Michael Zicolello would be our first choice. He saved all of our jobs by knowing when to act and when to be silent. I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs legal counsel, he is superb!!!!!!!”

Very Pleased

“My husband hired Mr. Zicolello to represent him after a motorcycle accident. He was struck by a food delivery vehicle that drove through red light. My husband sustained serious injuries to his right root, ankle and leg. We were encouraged to contact Mr. Zicolello by several members of our community. The office personnel was knowledgeable and pleasant. Mr. Zicolello was available when needed and worked hard to settle my husband’s case. He was consistent, persistent, and never settled until we were satisfied. We “won” our case and were awarded what we needed to cover future medical expenses and past hardships we experienced due to the accident. I am confident that he would do the same for any client in his care.”

Disabling accident case and wrongful death

“I retained Michael Zicolello to represent my father after a disabling work related accident. Michael was easy to talk with and treated us like family. The case was long in the process as the company where the accident occurred dragged us through many delays. Michael kept us updated every step of the way. The case eventually went to court and found in our favor. The settlement was structured by the law firm so that my father had a consistent income until his death. I also retained Michael on behalf of my brother for the wrongful death of his wife when she was struck by a motorist while she was crossing a street. Michael immediately assisted and handled issues with life insurance and medical expenses that were needed. The case is still ongoing but he has hired investigators and experts and has settled what has been possible while seeking final damages that most likely will end up in court. Michael has provided all the legal support my family has needed arranging for investigators and filing all necessary documents and arranging and attending depositions. He has made the process easier by often times meeting with us in our home, with phone calls and email. He has certainly been present for all proceedings. He has provided advice and direction and general support. I cannot stress enough how easy he is to work with. He is easily contacted and when he wasn’t in when we called, he returned calls promptly. He has explained the process and what he is doing for us. He has been patient with us in our grief and numerous questions providing sage advice and realistic answers. I have known Michael since 1994. Over the years he has been there for me when I have had other legal needs such as my will and drafting advance directives and answering legal questions for me as the need has arisen. I feel fortunate that these two life altering situations were handled by him with positive outcomes, but especially his sensitivity to us as a family in time of great need and emotional tumult.”

Kept me out of jail

“I had several cases that Kyle got me reduced to smaller charges and out of jail time. I had one lawyer for my first case that was supposed to be the best in Williamsport. When I caught my second case and hired Kyle, I believe Kyle to be the best Lawyer in Williamsport. I have had several cases over the years and each and every time Kyle got me out of sitting in jail. He worked with the prosecutors and judges to get my charges reduced to misdemeanor offenses, in which did not entail jail time. With Kyle Rude, you cannot go wrong!! He is the first name out of my mouth when people need advice with their legal issues.”

I Highly Recommend Kyle Rude

“Without going into any details about my case. I can tell you that I was being charged with a class 3 felony. If convicted, I could have received a 10 years in state prison, and a $10.000 fine. Attorney Rude had approximately 3 weeks to review my case before going to court. When all was said and done. Kyle Rude got my Felony Charge reduced to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and I received a small fine. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kyle Rude for any case. Criminal or Civil. Thank You Again Kyle”

DUI Dismissed

“Kyle got a DUI reduced to a lesser charge in my case. Kyle will fight for your right and injustice.”


“Kyle won my case for me and is still in contact with me over more insignificant matters of the law. I value and trust his opinion.”

Great defense lawyer!

“I had the highest rate of DUI with no possibility of ARD. Kyle worked hard to get me ARD. Thank You Kyle.”