Workers’ Compensation Examinations

Workers’ Compensation Examinations

For far too many injured workers, the possibility of losing the important benefits they depend on is a very real possibility. Submitting to a medical examination in the workers’ compensation process could result in your status being changed from total disability to partial disability, and you could lose out on the benefits you need. Talk with an attorney right away.

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Types Of Workers’ Compensation Examinations

The two most common types of medical examinations in the workers’ compensation process include:

  • Independent medical examination (IME): When an injured worker has requested benefits, the employer or insurance company can request that the employee submit to examinations by an independent medical examiner. The examiner will explore the medical conditions and the extant of injuries, whether and to what degree the employee can perform work duties, and whether the employee’s condition has changed since the most recent report.
  • Impairment rating evaluation (IRE): The IRE is an important aspect of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law. Similar to the IME, the IRE is requested by a workers’ compensation insurer or self-insured employer. After a certain time has passed since an employee has started receiving disability status, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation assigns a doctor to gauge the degree to which the employee is really impaired and to what degree the employee can return to work. The rating system is extremely harsh and its constitutionality has been called into question in the Pennsylvania court system. It is critical to hire an experienced lawyer to help you through this process if you have received an IME letter.

Make sure you protect your rights if you have to submit to a medical examination. You could lose your benefits if you don’t handle the situation properly. We have decades of experience helping people in your situation and can help protect your rights.

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