Case Summary

Car Crash

The client was injured when struck directly on the passenger side of her vehicle due to the uninsured driver traveling too fast as he approached an intersection after a snow storm. We took the necessary steps to determine the lack of any available insurance for the at fault driver and placed the client’s insurance company on notice of an Uninsured Motorist Claim. The client’s main injury was consistent neck pain and migraine headaches. She was unable to obtain permanent relief with chiropractic care and injection treatment. At our urging, the client sought a neurology consultation. The neurologist diagnosed her as suffering from an occipital nerve cervical compression as a result of the accident, and performed decompression surgery. As a result of surgery, the client experienced significant relief. With the client’s medical condition clearly established, Schemery Zicolello fought for the client and obtained an uninsured motorist settlement of $205,000 from her insurance company in a claim where the client’s recoverable damage were essentially limited to pain and suffering since she had no lost wages or recoverable medical expenses.