Case Summary

Civil Rights

At Schemery Zicolello, we believe protecting Civil Rights to be a calling. Civil Rights are important to all of us. These are rights that are intended to protect us from the intentional conduct or deliberate indifference of government officials regardless of our race, religion, or wealth. Not many law firms practice in this area of the law, and we have utilized our expertise to help clients throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. We recently had the opportunity to take up the cause for a family of a young man in Federal Court in New York State. Mike and Amy were hired by the family of a young man named Vincent after he tragically committed suicide while incarcerated at Sullivan County Jail in New York State. Sadly, Vincent battled drug addiction most of his adult life. He was not married and had no children, but his siblings had done all that was in their power to help him. Like many family members who have a loved one suffering from addiction, when Vincent was arrested in Sullivan County, NY, his family thought he was safe, and that having “hit bottom” he could start to get his life in order.