Case Summary

Sexual Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

The City of Sunbury Police Department had 3 female employees: a Police Officer; Meter Person; and a Police Records Clerk. After the rank and file officers, a Police Sargent, and the Mayor began to subject the female officer to various forms of sexual harassment and unfair treatment simply because she was the only female Police Officer, the Chief of Police, Meter Person and Records Clerk came to her defense. After the Chief or Police retired all 3 female employees were subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination. The female police officer was suspended pending termination, the Records Clerk was terminated, and the Meter Person was forced to resign under duress. A Civil Rights Employment Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaint was filed in Federal Court by Mike Zicolello of Schemery Zicolello. The claim of the female Police officer was settled prior to trial for $80,000 and the re-instatement of her employment (where she eventually reached the rank of Corporal). The claims of the Records Clerk and Meter Person went to trial and the Federal Jury returned a Verdict in favor of both awarding the Records Clerk $250,000 and the Meter Person $65,000.