In Defense of Discretion

Opinion Article by Michael J. Zicolello, Esq. When I was a kid, people in positions of authority had lots of discretion. It was part and parcel of their job. Police officers brought kids to their parents for punishment, rather than the precinct for charges. Teachers confiscated pocket knives and broke up fist fights, with the […]

Whose Life Matters More

Opinion Article by Michael J. Zicolello, Esq. Black Lives Matter. . . All Lives Matter. . . Blue Lives Matter. With all the arguing over which lives matter, we never really seem to address the real question… Does someone’s life matter more? Due to the nature of law enforcement work, there are always going to […]

Fracking Operation Decreases Safety of Roadways in Pennsylvania

Companies promising jobs to local workers are generally a good thing in this tough economy. Unfortunately, along with additional jobs, companies associated with the Marcellus Shale gas industry have also increased the presence of large trucks, negatively impacting the safety of Pennsylvania roadways. Residents living near fracking sites have voiced concerns about the noise and […]

High Rage of Texting While Driving Violations in Lycoming County, PA

A study out of Pennsylvania recently found that texting while driving violations continue to cause problems throughout the state. Texting while driving is illegal in Pennsylvania, and for good reason. The U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration note that there were 3,328 people killed in distraction related crashes in 2012 […]

Liability for Accident Caused by Police High-Speed Chases?

Police officers will frequently be placed into situations where they will be required to make split-second decisions when investigating alleged criminal activity. If they spot a motorist engaging in potentially dangerous behavior, they may decide to make a traffic stop. If the vehicle refuses to pull over, the officer may become involved in a high-speed […]

Motorcycle Safety Not Assured Through Defensive Driving and Technology

When drivers do not watch for motorcyclists on the road, even technology and defensive riding are not enough to prevent collisions. Riding a motorcycle provides a sense of freedom for many in Pennsylvania that driving a vehicle does not. Other riders may simply enjoy the savings on fuel. The reasons for choosing to ride are […]

Police Prepare to Deal With Dangerous Summer Driving

The Pennsylvania State Police are cracking down on unsafe driving during the dangerous summer months. Increased Traffic During Summer Holidays Usually Leads To Spike In Accidents Given that drivers have to deal with snow, ice and slush during the winter months, many people may be surprised to hear that the deadliest time to be on […]

Police: Pennsylvania Car Accident Caused by Huffing

In October 2012, a three-vehicle crash killed four people in Greene County, Pennsylvania. As police investigated the crash, it became clear that the crash was caused because three of the men had been “huffing” compressed air. As such, the crash is drawing renewed attention to the dangers of intoxicated driving. The accident occurred on Interstate […]

Record Settlement in Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Suit for Semi Accident

A horrific motor vehicle accident between a large commercial truck and a 2004 Toyota Matrix that resulted in a Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuit was settled in June 2012. According to The Pennsylvania Record, the Gettysburg family and the defendants settled in Sneeringer v. GLC Transportation for $26.1 million, an amount that may be the biggest […]