Sanitation Worker Killed in Williamsport Car Accident

Williamsport, Pennsylvania residents know that it can be difficult to remain safe on the job. Employers throughout the state need to take precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries to workers. However, there are still situations where unexpected accidents occur leaving workers with serious injuries. In many of these cases, every precaution was taken to avoid such an accident.

Unfortunately, in a recent Williamsport accident, a sanitation worker was killed on the job. According to reports, the accident happened on Church Street at around 4:40 a.m. In this case, a 25-year-old sanitation worker was pinned against the back of his garbage truck when the truck was hit by a sports utility vehicle. The worker died because of the accident.

Police say that it was dark at the time of the crash, and the roadways were wet. The sanitation worker was also wearing dark clothing, which could have contributed to the accident. Investigators are still trying to determine exactly how the incident occurred. At this time, it is unknown whether or not the driver of the SUV will face criminal charges.

When a worker is injured or killed at work, that person or the person’s family may have legal rights. Worker’s compensation benefits may be available to help cover some of the costs of the accident. These costs could include lost wages, medical expenses and more. Workers and their families should make sure they understand their legal right to compensation following a serious workplace injury. Many workers will qualify for this compensation even if they are partially responsible for causing the on-the-job accident.

Source: WNEP, “Sanitation Worker Hit, Killed by SUV,” Kristina Papa, Dec. 2, 2015