Six Critical Steps to Take if You Are Injured on The Job

Involvement in a workplace accident can be stressful for many reasons. First and foremost, your health and safety is and should be the biggest concern. Suffering from pain can make it even more difficult to think clearly and take the appropriate steps when an accident occurs at work. It is also stressful to fear that an injury may impact your livelihood and negatively impact your family in the future.

For these reasons there are certain steps an employee should take immediately if hurt on the job. Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act gives employees injured while working certain rights and protections. In order to preserve your rights, it is wise to take these initial steps as soon as possible after a workplace accident.

1) Report the injury to your employer – You employer should be notified as soon as possible of any injury that occurs on the job. Even injuries that seem minor at first should be reported. This helps to get the process started on your workers’ comp benefits. If it is an emergency, seek medical attention first and contact your employer as soon as you are able.

2) Seek medical care – Go to the doctor right away to treat your injuries. Medical records will be made of the injuries suffered, which may be needed for your claim. Note, you may need to see a designated medical provider during the first 90 days after your accident for your workers’ comp claim. Your employer should give you access to a list of approved doctors.

3) Fill out an injury report form – Your employer should have an injury report form for you to fill out. Make sure to keep a copy for your records as well.

4) Record everything you are feeling and experiencing – It is important to keep a written record of everything that happens after a workplace accident. This may mean an accounting of the accident, any physical symptoms you are feeling, doctor’s appointments, treatment expenses (including prescriptions) or any other expenses related to the accident.

5) Follow the doctor’s orders – The doctor’s treatment plan and recommendations need to be followed. It is important to your health and healing, but also for your workers’ compensation claim.

6) Contact an attorney – There is a lot to handle when injured on the job. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can answer your questions and help you navigate the necessary steps of the claims process.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, contact an attorney at Schemery Zicolello. We can schedule a free initial consultation to review your situation, evaluate your claim, explain your rights and help you pursue the benefits to which you may be entitled. Call 570-321-7554 to speak to an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation matters to help you get the benefits you are entitled to receive for your injuries.